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The Earth has become all too small for man's insatiable needs. However, the moon has offered vast resources for Earth's greatest countries. The most powerful nations have staked their claims for the moon's riches and much fighting has occurred. The evil Axis Empire has been behind much of this terror. Finally, on April 6, 2089, the Axis Empire's army launches an all out attack and captures most of the moon. All innocent people must now fight or perish. The Axis army now occupies most of the moon's factories where they are continually producing new weapons for their secret assult on the planet Earth. The Axis secret police have rounded up many members of the Allied Powers and put them in prisons. Without their key people, the Allied Powers stands little chance. Meanwhile, the Axis Empire draws closer to launching their "S.A.M." or Supreme Atomic Missile...the weapon they will use to destroy the Earth. The Allied Powers know they must free their prisoners if they stand a chance to stop the S.A.M. before launch time. You must free the prisoners and stop this military madness before the Axis Empire and their secret weapon S.A.M. destroy the Earth and all its people!!!

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LEVELS In-Depth strategies and map layouts for each Nectaris levels.
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